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By visiting a Slab Yard, you will be able to see the stone slabs in full sheets.

The selection process of your Granite Counters is very important. Choosing from the characteristics and movement of these unique slabs will give your home the individuality you are seeking in a solid surface.

Additionally, you may want to bring a cabinet door and a camera with you for this selection process. The yards are fully staffed to assist you in your selection by moving materials with forklifts for better viewing

Once you have made your selection, you will need to place the slabs on hold with your job details. You should also document the slab numbers for future reference.

Material chosen for any custom kitchen countertop can be selected at several suppliers:

(located in south Seattle along Front Street in the Georgetown district.)

  • Cosentino
  • Meta Marble
  • Pental
  • Oregon Tile and Marble